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Benefits for Landlords

Confidently find renters you trust with ApplyConnect®’s no cost tenant screening, all while enjoying these great benefits.

Get Easy, No Cost Access to Tenant Screening

Since ApplyConnect® is a consumer-initiated report, the renter is involved with offering you access to view their credit report and background check. You don’t have any setup costs, yearly memberships, paperwork or liability to worry about when reviewing whether they fit your rental criteria. Within seconds of the renter purchasing their report it becomes available on your account for the next 30 days.

Free Online Rental Application and Marketing Tools

  • Online Rental Application: ApplyConnect®’s easy online format allows your applicants to submit all of the important information you need to know when filling a vacant rental property. Applications can be completed within minutes, have FCRA and legal disclosures relevant to your state, and automatically move the applicant to the tenant screening process at no additional cost.
  • Online Rent Payments: Start accepting your tenant's rent through ApplyConnect®'s online rent payment tool - completely free for landlords and real estate agents.
  • Customizable Advertising Property Links: Quickly create a custom URL property link to display next to your listings, which automatically sends the applicant to ApplyConnect®. This is a great tool for advertising vacancies on your website, social media accounts or even sending directly through email.
  • SMS Text Messaging: Get immediately notified via text message seconds after the background screening report and online rental application are ready to view.
  • Free Resources: Other free resources include state notices, to give you additional protections legally, and our blog, a helpful source on new legislation, tenant screening tips, and product updates.

Automated Decisions Sent to Applicants

Easily send an automated decision email directly from your ApplyConnect® dashboard with accepted, conditional, denied and pending email templates, accompanied with legally required notices. These can be sent by clicking on the simple drop-down box on the homepage after you login to your account.
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Included in each report

Full Experian® Credit Report

Each credit report includes:
  • Payment history on all real estate, installment, and revolving credit accounts
  • Collection accounts
  • Civil judgments
  • Tax liens and bankruptcy
  • Prior names, addresses, and employment history


A credit scoring model developed by the 3 major credit bureaus which scores over 30 million more consumers than FICO. Credit scores range from 300 – 850, with higher scores indicating the renter is a low risk.

Nationwide Criminal Background Check

The best available criminal record database scan with over 790 million offenses using databases covering local courts from all 50 states, jails and prisons, and wants and warrants.

Nationwide Eviction History

A civil court search scanning the nation’s largest eviction database with 36+ million unique records including judgments and filings.

Sex Offender Registry Search

Find out if your applicant is a registered sex offender within their state. Physical description and photographs will be displayed when available.
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"ApplyConnect has been a dream come true. They help you take the guess work out of tenant selection. Not to mention the constant update and information that helps you stay informed and up to date. And especially updates on Covid 19... Anyone who does not take advantage of this is really missing out.. I am so grateful of the person that gave this information to me. Thank you Apply Connect!"

— Jimmy K., Landlord
"ApplyConnect offers a variety of services and an informative blog. I have used ApplyConnect for all of my Landlord needs. Processing an application was easy for both the tenant and myself through ApplyConnect. The Blog keeps us updated with new laws, time-saving ideas and general landlord information. I recommend ApplyConnect to all Landlords."

— Terri H., Landlord
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